ผ้า TC คือ ผ้าแบบธรรมดา มีส่วนผสมระหว่างเส้นใย Cotton และ Polyester

ผ้าขน / Fur คือผ้าขนยาวนุ่มมีส่วนผสมของ Polyester 100%

Pet Bed


We manufacture of pet cushions with variety of adorable product line for both retail and wholesale distribution.

To assure your satisfaction, all of our products are designed and produced by professional under high standard manufacturing processes with those of only high quality raw materials and machinery.

Our product designs are concerned to response to each individual pet’s behavior and personality.

Our service also includes make to order production under your
specific brands’ specification.

Our production capacity is also high enough to meet all kinds of product demands.We strongly concern on both comfort and hygiene.

All product raw materials must be carefully emphasized. For example, we use only cotton fabric that can prevent pet’s hair from sticking on the cushions, tender and massive sponge to maintain the cushions’ shapes and
waterproof, high grade PVC for long-term usage.

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